Boat Detailing

Having a boat of your own can make you go places where no other vehicle can take you. It is the best thing to have on board if you want to see serene views and some medication. A boat is a glory itself which needs proper care and detailing.

We all know that sea water is salty and can damage the surface of anything which resides in the water for long. The life span of the boats is badly affected if boat detailing is not done regularly by some professional mobile detailers. It’s about pride for Mobile Detailing Arizona contractors, that we also offer boat detailing services all over Arizona.

It doesn’t matter where you are residing in Arizona, we are serving all the cities under our domain and that is the reason we have thousands of satisfied boat detailing customers.

Boat Detailing Service Arizona

How do we do it?

There are different methods and techniques our professional and expert team members perform while doing boat detailing at your place. All the methods are secure and performed under strict safety measures ensuring the safety of our team members and anyone around.

  1. Compound & High-Speed Polishing

Compound processing is done to restore the original color of your beautiful boat. A boat looks ugly with pale, rusty and chalkiness look and is a sore to the eye. Mobile Detailing Services Arizona will help you get rid of it in no time. The high-speed polishing helps to get a shiny surface just like a new boat has!

  1. Oxidation Removal

You must have been heard of boat waxing when it comes to boat detailing and we are a pro in it. It is very important to wax your boat so that it can sustain a longer chance in the harsh seat water. Our oxidation removal techniques involve the use of high-quality products enabling us to remove all the scratches your boat can get. Once the scratches are removes, the boat is waxed well to look like a newly bride!

  1. Boat washing

No one likes a dirty, filthy boat. Who loves to go on a boat tour while it is dirty? No one! Save yourself from getting embarrassed in front of your friends or partner and get instant boat washing from Mobile Boat Cleaning Services in Arizona.

  1. Stainless Steel Restoration

We know how to restore the beauty of your sleek boat. The stainless steel used in the boats are of very high-quality. Cheap products can be a risk to your boat that’s why high-quality and boat friendly products are over number one priority. Our stainless steel restoration techniques will help you get a shiny new boat!

  1. Interior Cleaning

Boat detailing not just ends by making the exterior appealing. It is important to have a neat and clean interior where you can spend a memorable time with your lovely partner. Our expert boat detailers in Arizona will help you clean the interior of your boat. We can do everything like:

  • Seat cushion cleaning & conditioning
  • Pet odor removal
  • Smoke odor removal
  • Moss & Mildew removal
  • Spider residue removal
  • Non skid deck cleaning

What is the boat detailing cost you might ask? Every vessel is different. Some of the factors that are included are: Size, location, services performed and time.

You may have searched online for “Mobile Boat Detailing near me” and we probably showed up top of the searches. That is because we offer the best boat cleaning service in Phoenix Arizona!

Pricing & Plans

We are working in Arizona for a decade and have welcome thousands of satisfied customers on board. Our plan starts from $149. It depends on vehicle type and your requirements. Check out the detailed pricing here.

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